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Thousands Pay Tribute to Veterans

Wow! What a weekend! The Redlin Art Center was honored to be the host location for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall.  While in the midst of the Memorial, an intense spirit of camaraderie, true kindness, and gratitude for those who have served, and those who continue to serve our great Country was witnessed. I was moved to tears on many occasions throughout the weekend while thanking Veterans and active servicemen and servicewomen. Some shared their stories – some said nothing but thank you.


My heartfelt gratitude goes to Mr. Al Janzen, our Codington County Veterans Service Officer, for bringing “The Wall” to Watertown. Thanks, too, to his committee and all of the wonderful volunteers who staffed the tent on the grounds of the Redlin Art Center. 

My colleagues and I visited with thousands of people this weekend, most who came to Watertown from surrounding areas because they wanted to pay tribute and see “The Wall”. What a privilege it was to be part of such a special event.




Julie Ranum

Executive Director

Redlin Art Center