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On July 11th, Terry Redlin will celebrate his birthday! In his honor, we invite you to “Reminisce with Redlin” with an “email shower”!

Tell us why you love the art of Terry Redlin…

  Tell us which paintings are your favorite and why…

    Tell us about the first time you saw a Terry Redlin print…


So many fans over the years have shared their special memories with us while visiting the Redlin Art Center. We want to hear from you! We will post these special emails on our website so others can read about the impact Terry Redlin’s art has had on all of us. We hope you will reminisce with us – we know it would mean a great deal to Terry Redlin and the Redlin family to hear from Terry’s fans!

Please email your Redlin memories to


Reminiscing with Redlin

There are no words to express the joy I feel each time I view one of Terry's works. Such beauty is not often found, and so many of his pictures literally take my breath away. I can't name a favorite; how does one choose when all are so wonderful.

We have been fans for years, proudly displaying our Redlin Art on the walls of our home. Several of our friends have stood in amazement admiring Terry's God-given talent, and they, too, became "hooked".

Sadly, last summer our home was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. We lost everything but each other. Although we are thankful we were not left with an empty place at our table, the loss of our home and entire contents has been a tough row to hoe. However, when our new home was completed, the first items on our bare walls were none other than prints by our favorite artist, Terry Redlin.
Thanks, Terry, for sharing your gift with the world.

Best wishes (be-lated) on your birthday, and may you continue to have many more.


Kim Green

Happy Birthday Terry!

Turning 13 (in 1979) was a milestone for me as it meant I was able to accompany my dad on goose hunting trips to Manitoba, Canada. Those cool, overcast days shape some of my fondest memories and I cherish them to this day. I received my first Terry Redlin print - "Prepared for the Season" - as a high school graduation gift in 1985 and I've been a fan ever since. My collection of Redlin prints currently stands at 62. A few of my favorites include "Prairie Skyline", "Sharing the Bounty", "October Evening", "Evening Surprise" and "Golden Retreat". While I have many others I'm fond of, these in particular bring me right back to all those "hunters havens" that mean so much to me. They've helped shape who I am and every time I look at them I get a little lump in my throat. I've often said that "if Heaven looks like a Terry Redlin print, I can't wait for eternity".

Thank you, Terry, for sharing your talents with us. You have taken the simple things in life and captured them in a very profound way. Whenever I'm feeling stress about work or life in general, I sit downstairs among my Redlin prints and page through "Opening Windows to the Wild" or "Master of Memories". It's amazing the calming effect it has on me. Your art is truly Heaven on earth.

All my best,


P.S. Our wedding anniversary is July 11 so we always remember your birthday.

Dear Terry
I have loved your art for many years now. This is no joke if I am feeling down all I have to do is look at one of your paintings. And feel a sense of home or put myself in the painting and feel the happiness in the seen of the painting. I love the Churches in the picture. You see the families going to Church the happy expressions on there faces. I love the sun just setting and the glow the sky has. One day I hope to visit your museum and hope to meet you.

Happy Birthday, Terry Redlin~

You have an amazing talent, and we knew you were an artist who was very special from the moment we saw your paintings. We simply love the outdoors, the scenery and wildlife that you depict in your work. The reality that you are able to produce on canvas is inspiring. We also enjoy your personal words and stories of your paintings.

After spending many summers on a lake in the Watertown area, we decided to retire in South Dakota to enjoy the rural area even more. We built a house and have enjoyed seeing your work in our home and by visiting the Redlin Center numerous times.

We like all your paintings, but our favorites are Best Friends, From Sea to shining Sea, and Spring fishing. We especially like From Sea to Shining Sea because it reminds us of our two grandchildren, ages 11 and 9. Our grand daughter is left handed and our grandson especially loves to fish so when we look at the two in your painting we are reminded of them. We never tire of viewing any of your paintings.

God bless you, Mr. Redlin, and enjoy your day!!

Hank & Sandi

Dear Terry,

I would like to reminisce with you and tell you how much I appreciate you as a person and as an artist. We have several of your prints because they are so beautiful and, of course, because they have the Langenfeld logo in many of them.

I am Yolonda Langenfeld Soyer, Butch and Jean’s daughter. My husband, Jim, and I have had the pleasure of meeting you a few times over the years and we were always so impressed that you are such a nice, kind man.

You life has been an inspiration to us and to thousands of people, in and out of the art world.

You received some help from the state to start your art career and have given back to your home town and home state many millions more than you ever received.

Our favorite prints are “Summertime” and “Sweet Memories” because both of them give us the feeling of welcoming warm whenever we see them.

Your family business also reminds me of the Langenfeld family business that I experienced when I was a little girl growing up in Watertown.

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the Sioux Falls newspaper to explain what an inspiration you are to so many people. I felt very honored that you placed that letter in a frame at the entrance of the Redlin Art Center. We visited the center again this year. I’m very happy that the letter is still on display because I want people to know about the wonderful story that is your life.
Thank you for all that you have done to bring happiness and joy to us and so many other people.

Happy Birthday, Terry!!!

Yolonda and Jim Soyer

Happy Birthday, Terry,

The first time we saw one of your paintings was at my sister-in-law's house. I immediately fell in love with it. I can't even tell you for sure which one it was, but know there were geese or ducks flying over a cabin in it. From that time, probably 25 years ago, we have collected 3 larger paintings, two smaller ones, a set of plates, one smaller painting in my office at work, and a set of mugs. I think what we love most about the paintings is the nostalgia. The paintings take you back to a time when life was slower and people had more time for each other including friends and family. We have been to the museum four times now. We love the town of Watertown, the lake, and the museum. We like having the opportunity of looking at all the paintings at one beautiful location. Thank you for that gift. We don't live in South Dakota, but live in western Iowa so makes a great weekend trip for us.

We hope you had a great birthday. Today the pump quit for our well; we live on an acreage. Of course we can't get it fixed until tomorrow although the well company came today, even though it is Sunday. My husband said, "Remember how we always say we wish we could go back to simpler times," as he carried water in the house in buckets and I prepared to heat it to wash the dishes. I answered back, "Well, maybe it's best to just look at the Redlin paintings and wish than to actually live it."

Bob and Joyce Hall
Pisgah, IA

I have one framed print of Terry Redlin's "The Sharing Season." My brothers and sisters and I gave it to my parents for Christmas one year. Since my parents are now passed away, I was lucky to be the one to get the print. It is a beautiful winter scene, so it is nice to display at Christmas time. I also remember my parents often when I see it. Thank you Terry for the Hand Signed First Annual Sharing Series Edition. Also, Happy Birthday to you!
Janet Miemietz

I find comfort in Mr. Redlin's art. My favorite two prints are Autumn Traditions and Together For the Season. I also really like the 'First' series.
Autumn Traditions reminds me of a family tradition we started many years ago when my children were small (my youngest is now 30) when we would go to a nearby pumpkin patch (we have been going to the same one every year) for the kids to pick out pumpkins. Our middle daughter always liked to find the biggest one she could. We have continued this tradition with 5 of our 8 grandchildren (the others live out of state) and look forward to it every year.
Thank-you Mr. Redlin for keeping our memories alive.

It is a great pleasure to wish you a happy birthday. I first saw your art at a Shipshawanna art gallery. I can't describe the power of the first time viewing your wonderful work. As a retirement present to myself in 2001 I purchased one of your copies when it was offered, I believe, on QVC. I have it in a place on honor in my living room above the fireplace. I believe it is "going home" a winter scene. Being a senior I cannot afford to purchase art work, BUT thank you for putting them in puzzle form. I have spent many hours working on them and framing them. In any shape or form your art and vision is absolutely breathtaking. And I am so thankful for the day I reluctantly went into that art gallery and found your wonderful art.

Have a great day. Vici


I was strolling the streets of Gatlinburg, TN on Christmas Eve of 1991. The sun had dipped below the mountains and the chill of winter was in the air. The clouds had drifted in and the snow flakes began to fall. Not ordinary snow flakes, but big flakes, the size of silver dollars. The kind that splatter when they hit the pavement.

I am a 70 year old Grandfather of 12 and have been a Romantic all my life. I was excited to be in Gatlinburg to spend Christmas with eighteen members of my family, who collectively had decided to follow the dreams of their Father and Grandfather to spend a quiet Christmas in a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains.

To avoid the onslaught of snow flakes falling all around me, I took refuge in a small art shop called Prints of Elegance. It was there that I discovered the Art Of Terry Redlin. I was there to escape the snow storm, not to buy a piece of art.

As I entered the small shop, my eyes glanced around and I was immediately struck by a large painting siting on an easel in this small room filled with paintings. The painting which had transfixed my eyes was called "Evening with Friends". The peace and tranquility which I had sought in the Gatlinburg Mountains came to life before my eyes there on canvas. I had to have it!

The purchase of that painting was the beginning of a love affair with the works of Terry Redlin. The walls of my home are now adorned with "Autumn Evening", an Artist Proof of "Lights of Home", "Winter Wonderland", and "The Pleasures of Winter". There would be more, but I no longer have the wall space.

Since that snowy evening in Gatlinburg, we have continued to address Terry Redlin Christmas Cards each year to all family and friends, although I must admit, the years have far surpassed the variety of Redlin cards available and I'm afraid most have received the same card at least two or three times.

Thank you Mr. Redlin for sharing your talent with the world. We identify with your memories. We are, what you paint. And the Romanticism of your work will continue to live, long after we have passed.


Harry E. O'Connell

Dear Terry, My family and I want to wish you a very Happy and wonderful Birthday. We have been coming to the Redlin center for a number of years and truely have a wonderful time every year! It is such a beautiful place and such a awsome gift that you have given to the state of South Dakota and the wonderful town of Watertown. We have a lot of your prints and they we never get tired of looking at all the beauty and work that you have put into each and everyone!! God has blessed you with an unmatched talent!! God Bless you and your Family and Thank you for all the great memories!! Jeff, Sue Adrienne and Aaron Kronschnabel

Happy Birthday Terry!

Love your art work - it's so Americana and depicts the USA that we love
and adore so much. The wild life depicted is in true form and keeps
us in touch with "mother earth" while capturing the Spirit of America.
Thank you..........!

Valerie and Wayne Valdez

I graduated from Watertown with the class of '55. Even though I did not know Terry personally, I feel I now know him
through my collection of his paintings from the Redlin Center. It is a favorite place to visit each time I come to
Watertown from my home in Oregon. My favorites are the America the Beautiful series. I especially love the
"Above the Fruited Plain" as it depicts the Florence elevator which happens to be where my father was employed
when we were residents of Florence in the late 1940's. This painting hangs in the homes of my brother and daughter
also, due to our family connections to Florence S.D. A cousin of mine in Oregon has the complete set of America
the is a favorite of my entire family.

It would be nice to hear about Terry and his present health condition...I'm sure the entire class of '55 would be
very interested to hear from the Redlin family. Happy Birthday. Connie Muggerud Bowers, Salem Oregon.

My favorite Terry Redlin Memory:

My husband and I built a house about 4 years ago and I knew that I wanted to purchase a “special” piece for my living room wall. I’ve always loved Autumn Evening. The way Terry captured the spoke coming from the burning pile of leaves. Every time I look at the piece I swear I can smell the leaves burning.

My other favorite Terry memory was when I went to the Redlin Art Center for the first time. The moment you walk into the building your mouth opens at the beauty of his talents. The endless halls and floors of his painting are unbelievable. He truly is a man of many talents! Thank you Terry for sharing your many memories with us through your art! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

Cassie Carlson
Lake City, MN

Happy Birthday Terry!!
My whole family loves your paintings. I am most impressed with the way the paintings make you feel like you are a part of them, like if you reach out you can feel the fire, snow ect. Before I had ever been to the Center someone told me once you've seen the paintings the prints aren't the same. Well let me tell you something after seeing the paintings it makes the prints even more fantastic because I could see how much work went into the originals and I remember them and never tire of seeing them. Each time we go to the Center I find something I missed the previous times, because there is so much to take in one visit is not enough you need to return again and again.

My personal favorite is Winter Wonderland for a couple of reasons, first I love snowmen and have a very large collection of them. The 2nd reason is when my youngest daughter was a senior in high school 10 years ago she was in the SD Snow Queen Pagent in our home town and she won. She then went on to the state level in Aberdeen and at that event they were raffling off a Terry Redlin print (Winter Wonderland) the first number to be drawn never got claimed so a few weeks later they drew another number and my mom had the winning number and we claimed the print. So needless to say it's special to us for a number of reasons.

I remember the first time we met Terry, it was at the Redlin Center 11 years ago when they had the first summer celebration and he did signing. He was a very gracious man and we enjoyed talking with him. We have been to them all and thoroughly enjoy it every year, so much in fact we have made it a family tradition and as many of us go as possible. We even have had relatives from MN and VT join us. My 3 children gave me a wonderful gift for mother's day too, the complete set of ornaments and I cherish them. My walls are full of Redlin Prints and when people come to visit they are well aware of who my favorite artist is!

Well this got rather long but I hope you realize what a wonderful impact this man's artistry has been in my life and I just want to say "Thank you for allowing us to share our memories" and to Terry for sharing his great talent with all of us. Take Care and God Bless you and your family.

A Fan in South Dakota,

Many years ago I toured the Redlin Art Center while visiting Dan and Phyllis Bergan and attending a WHS reunion. I bought a large coffee cup with "Evening with Friends" imprinted on the cup. That has always been one of my Terry Redlin favorites and since that time my husband Herman bought me the framed print for Christmas and it hangs in the living room over my piano, another treasured item.

On that visit Dan Bergan, who also landscaped the Art Center, was in the process of landscaping Helene and Terry's lake house and we stopped by so Dan could talk to him and walk around the property. Phyllis and I talked with Terry while he sat on their beautiful patio. We talked about his friendship with my brother, Bill Stofft who was at that time a Major General in the U.S. Army. He had talked to Terry about coming out and giving a speech to a particular group of people. Terry said, "I told him I'd think about it, but the more I thought about it the more panicked I became. So I called him and said I talked best through my painting. Public speaking was not for me." We laughed about it alot because I was still singing professionally at that time and had also told a friend who wanted me to give a large group a talk about vocal production and performance that if she could "set it to music and hand me the part and an accompanist" I would love to. But I, too, was not a public speaker.

Terry is and always has been a charming, down-to-earth gentleman who has spoken from his heart in every one of his marvelous paintings.

Joan Stofft Hageman
WHS Class of '59

Happy Birthday Mr Redlin,
My husband and I got married on Halloween 1991 in Illinois. We didn't have enough money to actually take a honeymoon, but what money we did have we wanted to buy something that had great sentimental value to us. We had appreciate your art work for quite awhile and there was a store in one of the malls in Chicago that had your beautiful prints. My husband and I fell in love with your art, so when we decided to pick out one print. We each went to the store separately came out and to our surprise we both picked out Autumn Evening. We purchased the print and it took us almost 10 years and two children later to come up with the money to frame the print. We spend quite a few nights admiring it and laughing about us both picking out the same one that your art (like the love we have for each other) brings joy and great sentiment to us. We are proud to say that we have acquired a few other prints of yours and your Christmas prints have become one of our favorite gifts to give each other. We will always love our first print, but we appreciate your art work style and the joy they all touch us with. We thank you and wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Shari and Paul Fromm
I saw "The Pleasures of Winter" ice cream tin featured in the Schwan's catalog a few years back. When I finally decided to pay the price, it was out of stock. So, I looked for a website and have been hooked ever since. I have 2 plates, a puzzle and a stein and plan to buy more. I look for Terry's things on eBay as well as on the website.
My husband and I were lucky enough to visit the museum in Watertown just this past month. I am telling everyone how beautiful and well done it is.
My favorite picture is "The Pleasure of Winter" mainly because the two Belgians look like our Ruby and Millie. The whole picture is just so comforting and lifelike. I also like the Patriotic series, but always cry when I see the last one. Bobby could not figure out what was wrong as we were looking at the series in the museum. I was teary eyed long before we got to the last picture.
I also like the pictures with the old grain elevators. They bring memories of my first visit to Mazenod, SK., Canada in 1959. My first cousins lived there and I remember 6 of those elevators. We went there after being in Watertown and there are only 9 people left in the entire town. One of them is one of the cousins. Needless to say, the elevators are all gone.
Have a blessed and happy birthday, Terry. Thank you for bringing me and so many others so many hours of "looking" pleasure.
May God bless you and yours.
Genny and Bobby Wright

Dear Terry,
Happy Birthday! Your birthday is the same day as my mom's birthday. She will be 91. She lives in San Diego. We are going there next week.
I have taught at Terry Redlin Elementary School ever since it opened. I am very proud to teach at such a great school. I am glad that it was named after you! It was so special when you came to our school for our Open House. I've got some great pictures! (One is in your art gallery!) I also remember when all the teachers came to your gallery and you showed us all around. That was very meaningful.
I have many Terry Redlin paintings. My favorite ones are America! America! (because of the school house) and Spring Fever because I have a March birthday. For every birthday or Christmas, my friends and family know what to get me - anything by Terry Redlin.
Thanks for all you have done for our school.

Gretchen Tweet
Second grade teacher
Terry Redlin Elementary School

Hello - Very glad to have the opportunity to tell you Happy Birthday and to also tell you how very much we appreciate you building your museum and having your special weekend in August that you have on a yearly basis. I heard about you building from an old friend who had visited it and then told us about it, so the very next year my husband surprised me by bringing me up to visit and see it for ourselves, it was FANTASTIC. I am a collector of plates, pictures and memorabelia of Terry Redlin, also have his calendar of plates, and purchase the Terry Redlin calendar each year and save them for their pictures. My oldest daughter and I also attend the yearly event in August, we rereserve a room at the Super 8 for that very weekend every year, have been attending EVERY year. We are SO that that you have made that a yearly event too. Thank you for everything you have done so we can see and attend the events in HONOR of Terry, we shall continue to attend and look forward to the years to come, we hope Terry is feeling better and will continue to be with us for MANY MANY YEARS to come. Again Thank you and a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. sincerley Joanne.

Dear Terry,
Thank you so much for the wonderful artwork that you bring to the world. I have two of your prints hanging on my wall at present. ("Best Friends" & "Hunter's Haven")
I can't tell you enough how much enjoyment that these two prints have brought me over the years. I look at them and find myself taken back in time to a much better time and place where I can let myself once again be free of all of today's problems and worries and just savor the moments of good hunts and the company of friends and bird dogs now long gone.
I have owned German Shorthaired Pointers most of my adult life. "Best Friends" says it all for me. A hunter and his best buddy thinking about tomorrow's hunt and the joy it holds for both of them. I have been there many times and let me tell you, you have truely captured the moment!
"Hunter's Haven" takes me to the brief time of about five years that I was able to hunt waterfowl with a dear friend of mine on the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania. He was a retired Master Gunnery Sergant from the Marine Corp and cancer took him in 1997. The early mornings that I spent with him putting out our decoys, sitting in a duck blind and watching the sun rise will be with me forever and I thank the good Lord that he let me be a part of this man's life, even if it was only for a short time.
If I could step out of this time period and into any other time in history, it would surely be into a time and setting that is embodied in one of your paintings. That is what your paintings do and mean to me and I just wanted to say "Thank you Terry". I think that the world is a much better place with you in it.
Yours Truely,

Dave Gontz

Good Morning,
A very Happy Birthday wish to Mr. Redlin. His plates, ornaments and mugs make up my Christmas list each year. They are so special and unique for my friends and family.
Kathy Adams

I can't possibly pick a favorite Redlin picture. I can tell you I hope with all my heart that when I die someday that I'm looking at one of them.

I have lost all of my family at a rather young age so when I first laid eyes on "Evening Rehearsels" it literally made me cry because it reminded me so much of my childhood when I used to go and practice for my Christmas play with my mother. All of Terry,s art gives me back a piece of my childhood, even if only for a moment. Being that I lost my childhood after I lost my family I don't think anyone can know what that means to me. So I truly do hope when it is my turn to go, I can leave looking at a Redlin piece of work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Terry Redlin!!

During the summer of 2007, my family and I decided to visit the Dakotas in addition to Minnesota. That was not such an easy task since we live in Pennsylvania. I requested the South Dakota state visitor's guide. My husband saw an advertisement in there about the Terry Redlin Art Center. We never heard about Terry Redlin before, but the picture in the ad convinced us to visit.

The day we spent at the Terry Redlin Art Center was one of our favorite days of the trip. I fell in love with the artwork displayed on the walls. I especially liked Night Flight, From Sea to Shining Sea, Spring Fever and Winter Wonderland.

The following Christmas my husband gave me a print of From Sea to Shining Sea because the girl in the painting reminds us so much of our own daughter. It was as if Terry Redlin used her as a model for that painting. I display the print prominently in the dining room so everyone can see it. I also bought a print of Winter Wonderland because I love the way the white horse contrasts with the dark sky. I used to ride horses when I was younger and I still love them. I also have a print of Spring Fever because I love the billowing clouds.

Even though my family and I only spent a few hours at the Terry Redlin Art Center, I know that Terry Redlin and his artwork will have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. When I am feeling stressed out I only have to gaze on my Terry Redlin prints and within minutes I feel my stress level drop.

I know that Terry Redlin wanted to be a forest ranger but had to give up that dream because of his accident. I am so glad Terry Redlin decided to become an artist. I have tried to share Terry Redlin,s story with my own children. I want them to realize that if life does not work out exactly as they have planned, life is still worth living. It is up to them to make their lives beautiful, just like a Terry Redlin painting.

Enjoy your birthday and may you be blessed with many more healthy, wonderful years. Enjoy your retirement because you certainly deserve a break.

Renee Brzostek

After my father died my mother picked out a scene with combines and an old gas pump from your collection.
My dad owned a bulk oil business for over 40 year's and also helped my uncle's and nephew's during harvest. It was as if Mr. Redlin had painted this scene just for me. Mom gave this to me at Christmas all matted and framed and to this day I never see this hanging without thinking of my Dad. I have collected Mr. Redlins Christmas plates for many years and each one brings a special memory of Christmas passed. I hope your birthday is filled with good friend's and the love of family.

Dear Terry,
I love your paintings because it is about the steps of my life also.
The serene way it is painted and the story it tells is wonderful.
Thank you for your works through the years.
God Bless You;
Donna Satter
Wessington Springs, SD

Dear folks,

The first time I saw the art of Terry Redlin was in a Ducks Unlimited magazine in the early 1980's. I became an immediate fan, recognizing the unique gift that Mr. Redlin possessed. I became intent on learning more about the man and his art, and tried to see each new piece that he created, usually through the "Wild Wings" catalogs that showed his work. I couldn't get enough of each stunningly beautiful painting that he produced, reveling in the beauty of each.

While wall space and finances prevented me from owning every print (as was my dream) I have owned, and continue to display several in my home. On the coffee table are his books, and to this day I find myself browsing through the pages, studying each image, and imagining myself in each scene.

Living in the South where snow is rare, I think my favorites are the snow scenes in general. However, my all time favorites have to be "Morning Glow" for the incompara