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Hand-picked by Terry Redlin from
Shores of Lake Kampeska

For years, Terry Redlin’s favorite summer past-time was collecting rocks. On nice days, he would put down his brush, step away from his easel, grab his hat and head for the beach. The sandy shoreline in front of his home on Lake Kampeska in Watertown, South Dakota was a treasure trove to Terry. He would search and collect stones for hours – even when family members would hassle him for spending so much time “hunting”.

Today, Terry’s amazing collection of beautiful, hand-picked stones has been transformed into hand-made jewelry. First, the rocks are placed in a rock tumbler by the staff of the Redlin Art Center. It takes approximately 4-5 weeks to go through a complete polish cycle.

Once the rocks are polished, the Redlin Art Center sends them to a local artisan. With an artist’s eye, she selects and matches the stones. Then, she describes, “I frame each stone in wire wrapping.” Each piece is wrapped with artistic wire which is permanently colored, high quality copper wire. The special enameling process used in the wire’s construction makes it resistant to scratching, peeling and marring; and the wire is clear coated to prevent tarnishing. The earrings all have surgical steel ear wires. Some pieces have been paired with polished glass to add even greater dimension to this unique art form.

The Redlin family is delighted to know that Terry’s hand-picked treasures from the shores of his own sandy beach are now showcased in this beautiful collection of custom made jewelry.