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Keith Benson
1955 – 2008
Keith Benson began working for the Redlin Art Center before the building ever opened to the public. In December 1996, he stepped into the building and began evaluating the structure and all it would take to keep it running smoothly and beautifully. The challenges were many – thousands of feet of granite flooring, heating and cooling systems, special lighting, crystal chandeliers, a 30-acre park, and hundreds of Terry Redlin’s original oil paintings to preserve and protect. Keith never hesitated. He handled every challenge with a calm we all envied. He was kind to everyone. He loved to tell stories – he loved to tell Terry Redlin’s story.
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend and colleague, Keith Benson. He will forever be a part of the Redlin Art Center. His hands touched every inch of this magnificent building, and his kindness touched every one of our hearts.