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Print Values
We receive many calls about Terry Redlin's limited edition prints and the current estimated value of those prints. The Redlin Art Center does not estimate or appraise the value of Terry Redlin's limited edition prints.

We invite you to check our PAINTING LIBRARY. There, you can search by title; and if we have a print in our inventory, you will be able to see our listed retail price. Note: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, THE PRINTS WE ARE SELLING HAVE NEVER BEEN PREVIOUSLY OWNED AND ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION.

For the most accurate evaluation and appraisal of your print, we recommend that you contact a Redlin dealer in your area. If you do not know of a Redlin dealer, you may visit or call 651-345-5355 to locate a dealer near you. A Redlin dealer will be able to evaluate the condition of your limited edition print and estimate the current value of that print on the secondary market.

As for selling your Redlin prints, we have had other collectors tell us that they have had success selling via eBay, Craig's List, and by placing ads in local newspapers.